Added | 03.09.15
- Shinola Detroit
Producing high-quality, handcrafted products is a collaborative enterprise. That’s why Shinola partnered with a group of extraordinary American manufacturers whose obsession with craftsmanship and quality matches our thier own. Each of Shinola partners, from Horween Leather to Waterford Precision Cycles, has a long legacy of making products that are beautiful, meaningful, and made to last. Bicycle Haus is a proud dealer of Shinola products. Come on by and check this stuff out it is sweet!

Added | 06.06.14 - Pinarello Dogma F8!
The first batch of the Pinarello Dogma F8s has just arrived! Be the first to stop in a check them out! They look Rad!

Thanks to Pinarello’s new partnership with Jaguar, asymmetry has a new power animal. When it came time to introduce the 8th version of the Pinarello Dogma, the company not only looked to make a lighter, more efficient bike but one that was more aerodynamic as well. To do that they would enlist the help of one of the UK’s legendary auto manufacturers – fitting with the likes of team Sky. The result is a new bike that at first glance looks a bit more subdued compared to the Dogma 65.1, but is actually more asymmetric than ever.

Added | 11.12.13
- Cannodale in da Haus!
Since 1971 Cannondale has engineered bikes that let riders get the most out of whatever roads or trails they ride. From the SuperSix EVO and CAAD10 to the race-proven, endurance-focused Synapse. Or from the versatile mid-travel full suspension of the Scalpel 29 and ultra-light race ready F29 hardtail 29’er there are no gimmicks, no hype. Just lightest-in-class weights, perfectly balanced stiffness and a lively ride-feel.

Added | 4.11.13
- New Giro Road Apparel Line
Bikes are bigger than any one style. There are as many kinds of riders as there are styles of riding. In the past, a racing kit defined most cycling apparel options. But modern riders demand clothes that work the way they ride, clothes for the road, trail, path and park—sometimes all in the same day. Clean-lined, multidimensional and ready to ride, new road is designed for the way you ride, however you describe it..
Come by the shop to try it on or see more on the Giro Road Appare Here>

Added | 6.20.13
- New Shop Coming... Late Spring 2013
Keep posted for more details and the latest rederings. Here's a map of where the new location will be. Here>

Added | 6.20.12
- New Shop Addition - Santa Cruz Bicycles
Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1993 in a space the size of a single car garage in the Seabright Cannery, in Santa Cruz California. Our first bike, the Tazmon, was a single pivot dual suspension bike that rattled established sensibilities and helped define our then- ethos of "simply advanced." That bike was the cornerstone for a brand that was founded on the notion of doing things our own way in order to build the best. We have been rattling sensibilities ever since.

We now manufacture 19 models of mountain bike, made from either carbon fiber or aluminum, from hardtails to 10" travel downhill machines. We offer suspension designs ranging from the simple efficiency of our single pivot designs to the cutting edge performance found in our unique VPP system. These are available with a wide range of component and suspension options to choose from, as well as a newly hatched Custom Color Choice Program for select models. Each and every one of our bikes is the distillation of our desire to ride and build the highest performance mountain bikes in the world. No more, no less.

We could get all touchy feely here and talk about how we are committed and impassioned riders, and how we love bikes so much that it somehow elevates us into something unique, but that's kind of common fodder for these "about" tabs on bike company websites. EVERYONE working in this industry should be committed and impassioned. It takes that kind of commitment to try and build the perfect bike. Still, we think we chase that vision harder, smarter and sometimes a bit weirder than the others.


Added | 6.20.12
- New Shop Addition - Parlee Bicycles
Parlee was founded a decade ago with a simple but lofty goal: To build the world’s best performing race bikes. At the time, carbon fiber was overlooked in the road bike market. But based on what I had learned during 20 years in the boat building business, it was obvious that composites could redefine the cycling world.
The combination of properly sized tubes, accurate lay-up schedules, and proper molding techniques, make carbon fiber the ideal material for creating fast, light and comfortable performance bikes.
Today, it’s clear my instincts were right. Carbon fiber is the material of choice for nearly all top end bikes, and no major manufacturer is without carbon fiber in their product line. The question now is which carbon fiber bike to choose and why?

The mass of marketing-driven clutter and confusion make this a major challenge. Each company claims to use the highest strength materials and the most advanced techniques available, but who do you really believe?
The reality is that carbon fiber allows designers to become stylists, shaping frame molds in all imaginable forms. But don’t mistake style for performance. This is why I am not a stylist. I am a designer and builder of fast, light, durable and comfortable race bikes.

You won’t see unnecessary shapes in my designs. Instead, efficiency is the guiding principle behind all Parlee bikes. The key to pushing performance is the strategic use of carbon fiber to maximize its characteristics. Carbon fiber is perfect for building bikes because it has such a high strength-to-weight ratio, and this is why the styling makes no sense. All it does is add weight and reduce ride quality. It’s akin to putting fins on a car. They may look cool, but they won’t make the car faster.

Instead, efficient use of material leads to increased performance. And it’s this unrelenting focus on design efficiency that leads to maximum performance. Better acceleration. Better tracking. Lighter weight. Unmatched durability. Remarkable comfort. That is what sets Parlee apart.

Added | 6.20.12
- See Our Feature on Inc. - Here
Check it out! This cool feature on the Haus about building a unique brand in a crowded market...

Added | 6.20.12
- Get Haus Gear - Here
In this video, we peer into the mind of Kale Keltz as he creates the look for a new lineup of Bicycle Haus gear...

Added | 2.24.12 - Rapha Country Jersey
A high-wicking, Sportwool jersey designed for cycling in spring and summer. Available in three vibrant colourways, Rapha Country Jerseys have been created as a homage to the leading cycling nations of Europe. The jersey is made from a merino hybrid fabric that breathes and wicks sweat superbly and has great stretch. The nationalities represented are Ireland, Italy and Great Britain.

Key features:
Full-length zip to help regulate body temperature
Contrast armband in national colours
Embroidered country motif
Three rear cargo pockets for ample storage
Inner pump sleeve and discreet valuables pocket
Reflective tab
Headphone cable buttonhole
Itch-free, anti-bacterial and odour resistant


Added | 12.12.11
- Bicycle Haus / Assos Kit
Function, quatlity and fit the you love about Assos with your favorite bike shop's mark on it. Get'em now while they last.


Added | 12.12.11
- Assos Winter Gloves

The new earlyWinterGlove_S7 replaces its successor, the earlyWinter 851 Glove. We have further reduced the volume and increased its protection level. Perfect for winter rides. If temperature drops wear the insulatorGlove L1 underneath. Available in black or white. Unisex, racingCut. Anatomically shaped. Made of three different textiles, 10 patterns and five components.

Composition: 54%PA, 35%PES, 10%PU
Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XLG

This is a brand new ASSOSoire item. Specifically developed for cold rainy days when water becomes uncomfortable on your hands, the rainGlove insulates your hands ideally, providing warmth. And thanks to its ultralight neoprene fabric, it does not let cold water penetrate. It is tailored to provide pre-shaped form with minimal seams. The inner palm features specific proGrip treatment to ensure handlebar contact in slippery conditions. When temperatures drop further, wear the new L1 insulator glove underneath.

Composition:100% Neopren
Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XLG
Added | 12.12.11 - Castelli Viva Thermo Skully
When it comes to surviving winter, a skully is one of those indispensable items every rider needs. Not only are they useful for cold training rides, they're handy for keeping your head warm any time you step out the door. You'll dig the Castelli Viva Thermo Skully because it says you’re a cyclist without looking too dorky off the bike.

Cut from Castelli’s ultra-stretchy Thermoflex material, this cap has a polished polyester finish on the outside and a lightly brushed fleece inside to trap warm air around your head, giving you a snug but comfortable fit. The material is left raw-cut at the top and bottom to make the ends lie as flat as possible and to keep bulk at the absolute minimum.

The Castelli Viva Thermo Skully is one size fits all and comes in three colors -- Black/red, Red/white, and White/red.


Added | 08.19.11 - Assos Zegho
Performance Eyewear Made Exclusively for Cyclists - Available The End Of November 2011
Though even serious cyclists want to look smart on their bikes, all of the items necessary for a proper training ride are utilitarian in nature. Bib shorts with a chamois, sweat-wicking jersey with rear pockets, carbon-soled-cleated shoes: all these items are worn because otherwise a four hour ride would be painfully impossible. The eyewear we chose for our rides is every bit, if not more important than what bibs and jersey we wear. Oddly, many cyclists chose their eyewear more based on appearance than effectiveness.

With the Assos Zegho performance eyewear, a cyclist will have the confidence that every aspect of the lens and frame has been designed with the myriad of on-the-bike issues a cyclist faces every ride in mind. This joint venture with the elite Swiss optics company, Carl Zeiss Vision, has resulted in eyewear that is uniquely tailored to the cyclists’ needs. With three options, you will have the right glasses no matter the weather: Zegho rennsport white frames with black tinted lenses, Zegho noire black frames with black tinted lenses, and the Zegho amplify black frames with yellow tint.

No Distorting the Facts
The crux of the project was to make a pair of cycling-specific sunglasses that would protect the eyes without distorting the view through the curved lenses. Though the lens is curved to follow the shape of the face, the V-Technology platform employed by Assos and Carl Zeiss Vision means that there is no optical distortion. The peripheries of the lens are equally non-distorting which gives the rider the confidence that from whatever angle the eye is looking through the lens, all variances and undulations in the road surface will be evident. The lenses are not polarized because reflections in the road are important for a cyclist to see and react to. And the RI.PEL hydrophobic self-clearing lens technology will keep them water-repellant and easy to keep clean.

Tunnel Vision
Assos is proud to have a tunnel vision which impels us to give the rider the best product we can create. For our Zegho performance eyewear, the Tunnel Vision refers to our desire to have sunglasses that can be equally safe when riding into and through tunnels as they are when riding in bright sunshine. Whether you are in and out of Swiss tunnels or California underpasses, the seconds of danger between
flying out of bright sunlight into the dark tunnel wearing dark sunglasses could result in running over unseen objects or worse. Photochromic lenses are not an option because they react to the change in lighting much too slowly. Assos arrived at a solution and challenged Carl Zeiss Vision to put it into production: our Zegho lenses are tinted through the upper two-thirds of the lens, and then a sharp divide results in a clear coat across the bottom third. Simply lift your head slightly when entering a tunnel and you will have an un-tinted view while still enjoying 100% protection from UV rays, wind, dust and debris.

Super Light, Super Comfortable
At just 27.5 grams, the Assos Zegho will rest on your face without weighing you down or irritating your nose. The nose piece is made malleable and therefore adjustable to each individual’s nose. With Assos’ clickFace technology, the proadaptive skinTouch material used on the ear pieces will mold to accommodate the rider’s head, ensuring a stable fit and minimizing movement under sweaty and rough road conditions. And the zeropressure adaptive, ultraflex composite frame has been designed to balance the ratio of material to shape and function. Uncomfortable pressure points will be eliminated while the glasses will stay perfectly in place.

Handmade in Italy, Assos Zegho performance eyewear is a high quality product that has been engineered to perform and to last.

Added | 08.19.11 - Specialized Tarmac SL4
With all the hype that surrounded the launch of the Venge a few months ago it could be easy to forget about the new Specialized road race machine, the Tarmac SL4. While the Venge was designed for sprinters, muscle-bound lead-out men and solo breakaway merchants, the Tarmac is meant for climbers and general classification contenders.

In the short time since it was launched back in 2004 it’s been ridden to stage wins in all the Grand Tours, thanks to the likes of Levi Leipheimer, Paolo Bettini and Mario Cipollini.

The first ever Tarmac, instantly recognisable for its arched top tube, was made from aluminium with a carbon top tube. It was difficult to make, super expensive and only came in four sizes. A year later it was an all-carbon affair with full system integration – meaning that components such as cranks and forks were made exclusively to complement the overall design of the bike.

This went a step further in 2006 when pro-rider Tom Boonen insisted on several changes that included size specific chain stays. So if you bought a large, it had fatter chain stays than a medium. It sounds obvious, but even now plenty of bikes don’t have this.

These days it’s all made from carbon and is now in its fourth generation – the all-new Tarmac SL4. We were in St. Moritz, Switzerland for a press-only launch, before it's revealed to the wider world on the first day of the Tour de France.

The Tarmac SL4 features the same geometry as the Venge, and borrows a few of the most successful elements from their latest sportive specific model, the Roubaix. The most notable is the head tube. They’ve changed the inside diameter from the previous version, the SL3. The bottom is now 1-3/8in while the top remains 1-1/8in. It gives it a funny-looking shape, a bit like Marilyn Monroe in profile. It’s a small change, but it meant that the fork could be lighter. It also meant it could have a bigger down-tube for greater stiffness. And when you look at that down-tube it really is super beefy, but tapers down as it nears the bottom bracket.

The top tube has changed too. As you sit on the saddle and look down you can see it has a cobra’s head shape as it nears the stem and handlebars. The tubing bulges out to the sides, which Specialized designer Chris D’Alusio says increases torsional stiffness compared to flat edges. This in turn improves the tracking between the front and rear wheels. New double-tapered chain-stays help the handling too. They’re fatter than before, and reduce shudder when you’re braking hard down a mountain.

There are a few other changes which might not boost your performance, but could make life easier. One example is a carbon clip that holds the stem together even when you undo all the bolts. It means you can make as many changes and adjustments as you like without needing three hands to hold it all together. The new wheel drop-outs are nice too, made from hollow carbon to save weight and allow the rear derailleur cable to run cleanly through the top. The rest of the cabling is just as neat and is also Shimano Di2 ready, with a window underneath the bottom bracket for easy maintenance and stops on the frame to attach a battery pack.

All of these new features add up to a claimed 19% improvement in stiffness compared to the Tarmac SL3. The overall weight has been reduced by 50 grams too, although Specialized insist that the key design features for the SL4 are ride quality and handling. The overall weight of the frame, fork, seatpost, headset and crank tips the scale at 1995g. Specialized say that the SL4’s stiffness and lightness surpasses that of its competitors, which include Felt, Cervelo, Scott and Pinarello.

Added | 08.19.11 - Pinnarello Dogma2
At first glance it looks similar to the Dogma, but upon closer examination you’ll notice the Onda 2 fork is now more integrated with the frame

By adding a tail to the fork at the crown and reshaping the downtube interface, the air flow has been smoothed out around the brake and fork crown

The ribbing around the headtube and top of the downtube has also been reduced to help with airflow

The new Onda 2 fork now also features a steerer tube tapering from 1-1/8” to 1-1/2” at the crown -- increasing the rigidity at the front end by 19% while allowing for more shaping to improve the aerodynamics

The resistance to air flow has been reduced by 6% and the increased rigidity in the front end improves braking, cornering, accelerating and sprinting performance

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis has also led to the reduction of ribbing on the rear stay

The asymmetry of the toptube is now even more pronounced and the downtube is now asymmetric with ribbing along the right-hand side

Together these refinements have helped improve the pedal action symmetry by 6% compared to the Dogma 60.1 and in conjunction with the Onda 2 fork has increased lateral rigidity by 14%

The enhanced asymmetry of the Dogma 2 is evident throughout the frame

To further enhance the aerodynamics of the Dogma 2, there is now internal routing through the downtube for the derailleur cables

If you opt for the Dogma 2 designed for electronic shifting, a new sleeker battery mount and a new approach to internal cable routing (iCR by Pinarello LAB) ensure full compatibility with all electronic shifting systems available

BoB colorway is $6100

Special order for the Dogma2 Electric Frameset is available for $6500 in Black/White, White/Black or Red

Special order for the Dogma2 Electric Frameset in the BoB colorway is $6800

The Dogma 60.1 can be completely personalized using the My-Way™ system available at

Material: Carbon 60HM1K Torayca(R)

Fork: Onda™ Carbon 60HM1K 1” 1/8 1” 1/2 integral system)

Rear Stay: Onda™ 2 Carbon 60HM1K

Frame weight: 920 grams (Size 54)

Bottom Bracket: Most(R) Croxover

Sizes: 50.0, 51.5, 53.0, 54.0, 55.0, 56.0, 57.5, 59.5, 62.0; Sloping: 42.0, 44.0, 46.5

Added | 07.29.11 - Specialized Shiv TT
Perfectly legal for UCI racing and perfect for triathlon as well, the Shiv TT is ridden by highly competitive athletes looking for the most efficient power transfer, most aggressive position, and least drag. When racing against the clock, these riders demand a pure speed machine—World Championships in TT and Ironman prove nothing is faster in these disciplines.

Radically shaped carbon tubing engineered to create advanced aerodynamic structures.

Ensures the lowest drag possible from leading to trailing edge.

We design our own airfoils for the unique geometry and angles of the Shiv TT, based on computational studies and hands-on research in the wind tunnel. By studying the aerodynamics of the entire 3D system (bike and rider) and seeing how airflow in one section affects the next, we can optimize our airfoil shapes to more efficiently minimize drag.

Added | 07.29.11 - fi'zi:k Shoes
Saddle specialists Fizik are the latest company to try their hand at cycling shoes, with three road models – the top-end R1, men's R3 Uomo and women's R3 Donna.

And in keeping with Fizik's usual mode of operation, the company are putting a strong emphasis on Italian construction quality, style and fit.

Indeed, all of the new models are simply gorgeous, with genuine kangaroo leather and synthetic microfibre uppers joined with svelte 'rivoltato' stitching, old-school perforations in strategic areas for ventilation, and classic colours that include matt and gloss black, white, and red.

The details have been well thought out, too, with logoed zinc strap ends for a finished appearance, heavily stylised and oversized main buckles (with the top-end R1's being made of compression moulded carbon fibre!), and a cheeky tricolore graphic on the inside of the tongue.

Added | 07.29.11 - 2012 Specialized Epic Expert 29er
We have it so come get it!

Added | 02.10.11
- Rapha's Spring and Summer Range 2011
Rapha’s latest range has been created with a passion for performance, design and the sport of road racing. Offering competitive racing apparel, essential training kit, functional city roadwear and innovations in luggage and luxury accessories.

The latest Rapha + Paul Smith collaboration combines sartorial flair and dandyish details with modern fabrics and innovative design. Each piece in the collection features influences from Paul Smith himself including Words That Confused My Father, a word print of cycling terms such as Anquetil and Echelon that Paul would bemuse his father with. Inspired by the demands of road riding but constructed for the city rider, you’ll find elements such as merino wool, windproofing and reflectivity in an expanded collection that features over ten new products.

We are excited to announce that Rapha's spring line will be on our door step any day now.  We'll let you know as soon as it arrives.  Read More >

Added | 02.09.11 - Look 695
LOOK is launching the brand new 695: a frame offering unequalled cycling precision thanks to the integration of the stem, the headset, the fork and an exceptional performance thanks to its crankset.

Complete Pack Integration
For optimal effort transmission, the 695 is equipped with the best crankset presently available on the market : the ZED 2 crankset. To integrate it, the 695 has an oversized bottom bracket casing (Rolling bearings of 65 mm). The diagonal tube, saddle tube and stays wrap around the casing and extend without a break in shape thanks to the CFD concept (Continuous Fibre Design) optimising resistance to effort. The new HSC 7 fork, the new Head Fit 3 headset, the C-stem and the E-Post are the other components integrated with the 695 frame. They were specifically developed for that frame, to make the 695 homogenous, rigid, lightweight, stable and ... Read More >

Added | 02.09.11
- Custom Moots Psychlo X
Built to shine in a discipline that requires balance, skill, finesse and dependable equipment, the Psychlo X hits all the marks and then some. From time-tested geometry to the subtle, yet crucial, cable routing positions on the frame, the Psychlo X lets the rider concentrate on the task at hand – suffering through the cold and slop of the cyclocross course. Not only does the Psychlo X design account for the mud and suffering of cyclocross, but this versatile bike also excels at endless miles of dirt roads and daily commutes. For many, this frame quickly becomes the utility bike they can’t live without, once the cross season comes to a close. Built in 7 stock sizes with custom always available.

Intended Use: True all-out Cyclocross performer, ride, train or race. The ultimate gravel grinder for dirt roads or muddy fields.

Read More >

Moots have been building high-performance bike frames since 1981. Each is meticulously fashioned out of premium US-made titanium tubing, allowing us to design every bike to the specific needs of the frame style and individual rider. Our purposeful design philosophy, our knowledge of the unique characteristics of titanium, and our relentless focus on craftsmanship come together in the creation of true lifetime bikes—whether your preference is asphalt, dirt or both.

Each tube miter and each weld, in every single frame we build, is done by hand. Checked by hand. Finished by hand. Polished by hand. Only then do we apply our head badge. By hand, of course.

Added | 02.09.11 - Pinarello Dogma 60.1 Movistar
Looky what we  found in the dumpster.  These colors rock!  Pinarello Dogma 60.1 for team Movistar!

Added | 08.19.10 - Pinarello Paris 2011
PARIS is another big news item for 2011 from Pinarello. DOGMA marked the new Pinarello construction philosophy: total asymmetry. PARIS has construction features identical to DOGMA: it is produced using the EPS system and employs the
Torayca 50HM1.5K Carbon with Nanoalloy technology. PARIS mounts the Onda FPK fork derived from the DOGMA FPX1, with 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" tapering on the fork column. Onda FPK rear monostay, asymmetric rear stays, and our tried and true Most Croxover oversize bottom bracket. The bare 54 size frame weighs approximately 1040 grams.

PARIS Asymmetric considerably raises the quality level of bikes considered by price to be second-tier, and its structural characteristics, the materials used, and the construction technologies applied situate it well above the multi-awarded PRINCE of 2009 and therefore much higher than other frames of its price segment.  PARIS with top-tier outfi tting can be considered an absolute TOP of the range.

Sold as either a complete bicycle or frameset alone, with special attention given to the colour scheme, with 5 hand-painted colours available, and a host of exclusive Most components. PARIS will be available in 10 sizes.

Added | 08.19.10 - Campagnolo introduces 2011 Super Record 11
Campagnolo, ever-present bastion of Italian style, has unveiled its 2011 Super Record group. The new parts shed about 100 grams from the already svelte 2009 group, down to less than 1900 grams, while making some positive design changes in the process. Pricing for the U.S. market is yet to be released.

The new Ergopower shifters weigh in at a claimed 330g and are built around a new body material. Campagnolo claims that ergonomics have been improved, providing greater hand support and easier movement of the brake and shift levers, as well as an insert for cyclists with larger hands. The Ultra-Shift internal mechanism allows 3-sprocket up shifting and 5-sprocket down shifting with a single stroke.

For those into color coordination, the shifters will now be available with white or red hoods in addition to the traditional black.

The full range of 2011 Campagnolo chainrings now incorporate 8 pins to lift the chain and two to lower it, making shifting more efficient. Supporting those new chainrings is the Ulta-Torque crankset, now available with a titanium axle that drops 40 grams compared to the standard steel option.

With a carbon fiber upper and lower body and ceramic bearings, the 2011 Super Record rear derailleur is a double-take inducing piece of equipment. Weight is only 155 grams, and metal is scarce other than a few bolts, including the new aluminum fixing bolt.

The six largest sprockets of the new Super Record eleven-speed cassette are titanium, and the entire cassette weights 177 grams. New for this year are double frames for the two largest sprocket triplets (the cogs are assembled in sets of three), resulting in greater sprocket rigidity and shifting precision.

The new Super Record brake retains the usual front dual-pivot and rear single-pivot option, but adds a rear dual-pivot option for those looking for more braking power. The new brakes also include lighter brake shoe holders and a new pad compound.

Added | 06.02.10
- Rapha products in stock!

Rapha creates the finest cycling clothing and accessories in the world. Designed without compromise for the most discerning rider, Rapha products blend style with optimum performance. A passion for road racing means Rapha is more than just a product company. It is an online emporium of performance roadwear, accessories, publications and events, all celebrating the glory and suffering of road riding.

Rapha Inspiration
Rapha was created to celebrate road riding and develop the best performing and most stylish cycling clothes and accessories in the world.

The first Rapha collection was launched in July 2004, at a month-long Rapha exhibition of cycling memorabilia and events called 'Kings of Pain'. Since then, the Rapha product range has grown dramatically and the brand has become synonymous with the highest levels of quality, style and performance. Road racing is the toughest and most beautiful sport in the world and everything Rapha does is designed to celebrate the glory and suffering unique to road riders.

Road racing requires stamina, strength, focus and fortitude, yet the rewards can be huge – the more effort you put in the greater those rewards become. More and more men are discovering that riding a road bike can be the perfect counterpoint to the cosseted and quick-fix nature of modern life. In a society only too comfortable with instant gratification and sanitised pleasure, it has been forgotten that the greatest highs come from the deepest lows. Applying yourself totally can produce a sense of satisfaction that is impossible to replicate. From pain comes pleasure.

For Rapha staff and customers alike, great road rides are the high points of every year. But cycling is also an integral part of everyday lives. A life with road riding at its core is rich and rewarding, a fantastic lifestyle we want more people to enjoy.

Added | 04.05.10 - BMC Teammachine
The new teammachine SLR01 provides the perfect balance between handling comfort, rigidity, safety and light weight. The Tuned Compliance Concept TCC at the rear triangle, seat post and fork gives the SLR01 the required vertical flexibility – making for the most comfortable cycling experience you’ve ever had. The rigid bottom bracket ensures direct transmission of force from the pedal to the road – uncompromising propulsion. The rigid front end area and the muscular fork allow the bike to be handled precisely. Rigidity and low-vibration give you accurate control over deceleration and ensure your safety when riding in any situation.

Added | 03.08.10 - Bicycle Haus Skinsuit Pre-orders start NOW!!!
It's simple to get this cool Bicycle Haus Skin Suit. Come into the shop by 3/15 and pay $215 and your order will be placed. Sizes are XS-XXL and all sizes will be scaled to look exactly the same! If you come in after 3/15 the price for the kits is $245 so order early. Please do not call the shop as you cannot "reserve" your kit without payment. This is a limited time offer and skin suits will take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Added | 03.03.10
- New Bicycle Haus
Logoed Goods - Patch Kit, Stem Cap

Added | 03.03.10
- Womens BH Kits

Added | 03.03.10
- Spot Bicycles

What is a Spot Brand Bicycle? It is a steel single speed 29er painted in Italian Scooter Blue. It is a cyclocross bike dressed in hot pink ghost flames. Whether you are a religious commuter, hardcore racer, or just a weekend warrior looking to be the envy of the group ride… look no further! Spot Brand will build you your dream bike.

We use 100% True Temper steel on all of our Golden, Colorado handmade bicycle frames. Doesn’t matter if you are a 29er movement junkie or a 26" traditionalist, Spot has the off road steed for you. Cyclocross or everyday commuter, we got you! Let us know how to build it, give us your dream scheme, and go! Not ready for the handmade Golden experience? We have a drool worthy line-up of complete bikes to satisfy everyone. Equipped with Gates Carbon Belt Drive or that old friend, the chain. Find out for yourself what it means to be a Spot Brand owner.

At Spot, we have spent over a decade perfecting the craft of the handmade bicycle. The constant refinement to geometry, attention to detail, and the pursuit of the perfect tube set, has resulted in creating your ultimate on or off road ride.

Added | 03.03.10
- Jimi Wallet
Jimi™ wallet is a really handy and stylish way to carry your essentials and free yourself from the clutter and bulk of the traditional wallet/pocket book. It's compact, water resistant, and translucent - as much at home in a hipster's pocket, a busy Mom's diaper bag or around the neck of an exec. breezing through airport security!

Already a hit with the cycling, motorbike and snow sport community, Jimi wallet's a smart urban accessory and it's great in the great outdoors. Students we've heard from say that they love it at school because it's translucent, hangs on a lanyard and is great for showing ID.

Jimi wallet's also an award winning, US-made product that's being sold everywhere from Lance Armstrong's new bike store in Austin, TX to tiny boutiques in Tokyo. And to top it all, Jimi wallet is manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and 1% of its sales revenue is invested in the environment. And priced at under $15, it makes a great gift anytime of year.

So break free and get yourself a Jimi!

Added | 03.03.10
- Mission Backpacks
Available in two sizes, The Vandal and The Rambler, these cargo packs are versatile, adept, & eager to carry your life. Includes expanding cargo compartment doubles capacity, water-resistant urethane coated nylon fabric and zippers, rugged internal frame sheet, & optional / removeable waistbelt.

Added | 01.05.10 - Bicycle Haus Goods
Support the best bike shop ever.  We have BH goods for sale in the products section of our site.  T-Shirts for adults and kids, Flexfit caps, and saddle bags.  Go get it Here

Added | 11.13.09 - 2010 Pinarello Dogma
After a several year hiatus, Pinarello is resurrecting the Dogma name with a totally new for 2010 racing road bike: the Pinarello Dogma 60.1.  It takes the award-winning, highly regarded Prince frame and creates a new top-of-the-line road bike with some very interesting features.  It comes in 12 color schemes, all of which are dead sexy.

The frame uses asymetrical stays and differing features on each side of the bike.  Pinarello calls it “the beginning of a new generation of frames that will revolutionize the concept of racing bicycles.”  They claim it’s the first completely asymetric racing frame, with the right and left side having different shapes and sections.

Added | 11.13.09 - 2010 Specialized Tarmac SL3
Whether it's QuickStep taking the podium at Tour of Flanders or Saxo Bank at Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the Tarmac® proves itself to be the best handling, most high-performance bike on the road, time and time again. Thanks to the integration of critical components, an extremely rigid FACT carbon frame and proprietary Body Geometry extras, we can proudly say that nothing is lighter and stiffer.

Added | 11.13.09 - New Chrome ladies apparel
Tops and bottoms.  Clothes you can wear on your bike don’t have to look techy. Chrome's apparel has a functional,
no-nonsense style that works on and off your bike.
Added | 11.13.09 - 2010 Colnago CX1
All new from Colnago for 2009: the CX-1. Whether you are looking to climb, sprint or just take a spin, the CX-1 is designed to be ridden. The ride quality of a Colnago is unmatched, and people who ride Colnago’s understand that.

This year, Colnago is looking to enlighten a new generation by introducing the Colnago CX-1. The CX-1 was designed to appease racers looking for more aggressive ride. A carbon monocoque front triangle, polygon profile, and massive bottom bracket and chainstays yield cycling’s Holy Grail. Supple vibration absorption, straight-line stiffness and light weight.

The new CX-1 uses both high modulus composite and high-strength unidirectional composite with a 3k twill finish. During the development of the CX-1, thanks to 3D design and Finite Element Analysis, Colnago created an extremely accurate, optimized carbon fiber composite lay-up in the key zones where force is transmitted to the road for incredible performance and handling.

The Cx-1 is the lightest Colnago ever produced. In 2009 you will see many of Colnago’s Pro Tour riders on the CX-1.

The CX-1 combines old world Italian artistry and craftsmanship with unrelenting attention to detail and innovative new technology. The flattening of the top tube provides extra stiffness yet disperses extraneous road vibration. The chainstay and seatstay are specially molded to optimize overall torsional and lateral rigidity. And the carbon lay-up process is precisely engineered to optimize the material’s strength in areas where power is transmitted to the road. The new frame also features a semi-integrated C-HS/Colnago Headset System, which allows easier disassembly and maintenance without removing the entire headset.
Added | 11.13.09 - 2010 SWorks Carbon 29er Mountain Bike
With enough years of experience under its belt to merit a podium finish every time, the Stumpjumper Hardtail is second only to its S-Works sibling when it comes to cross-country speed. Like the riders who hammer it, the Stumpjumper HT is lean, strong and exceedingly efficient, with an incredibly lightweight, high performance frame and spec combination. Now available in dedicated singlespeed and multi-speed models, with a full range of 26" and 29" versions.
Added | 11.13.09 - BG S-WORKS Road Shoe from men and women
Completely redesigned to reduce weight and enhance fit, the Body Geometry S-Works Road shoe is a favorite among our sponsored Pro riders, like Team Saxo Bank, for its high performance, enduring comfort and mechanical closure.

Added | 11.13.09 - Assos of Switzerland
Assos jerseys set the bar with their highly-tuned patterns, cost-is-no-object fabrics, and runway-like style. And Assos flat-out dominates the bib short marketplace. No other brand has as many raving fans. The same holds true for Assos gloves, socks, and caps. And Assos offers their own clothing care and chamois cream so your clothing will look fantastic over the years, and your body will feel fantastic in it.