The New Haus…really just a re-model

OK, good meeting last week.  I’m sure the usual suspects are working behind the scenes to secure the heavy hitter sponsors for the next 5 years.  I’ll try to post workouts and races that we can all hopefully attend when our personal schedules permit.

A couple of things. I get asked a lot how to get fast.  Easy, train fast and RACE!  We are all pressed for time, which means are workouts are short. Make them worthwhile…that means INTENSITY.  Christian’s Tuesday night lung and leg burn is great for the run.  I’ve posted a few mid-week training rides that are fast and furious. DON’T WORRY ABOUT GETTING DROPPED!  Everyone waits up at selected points.  You will find yourself getting stronger each week if you can make one of the rides and suffer.  Believe me, I’m suffering on these runs and rides. There are also several bike Time Trials within 60-90 min driving distance that are great training.  Just you versus you.  I will post them on the Calender.  You will get faster if you ride faster.

Regarding racing, I think it is essential to get in some training races in before your big events.  They don’t have to be Tri’s.

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Get out and do a 5 or 10k running race. It’s a great measuring stick for fitness and gets you in the race mode. Arizona Road Racers has a website that posts races all over Arizona.  It’s a good resource to find a race or 2 that might fit your schedule.  I’ve posted one in July (4).  I’ll either ride to these events, run them, then ride home or I will take my bike and ride after the run.  Great brick workout.

I don’t know much about swimming other than there is water involved and your not supposed to drink it.

Happy Training and see you out there.


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