What a HAUS!

Haus Tri had an incredible week moving into the Tempe International Triathlon over the weekend. Haus Tri capped off the Splash and Dash and completed the HAUS TRI SPLASH & DASH GRAND PRIX. Bernice Panuzzo took home the overall prize, completing all four races of the IronCare Splash and Dash Series. Bernice wins the race of her choice paid for by HAUS TRIATHLON. Bernice has already chosen to enter SOMA TRIATHLON which is Arizona’s Half Ironman on October 24th.

HAUS TRI brought out all of our members for the Arizona State Club Championships at the Tempe International Triathlon. There was a lot of angst amongst member prior to the start gun. The lines were long and we are not just talking about the ones at the port-o-lets, and the longer the wait the more anticipation it brought. The Sprinters went off first. Two of out newest members, Michael Bailey and Eric Bolles,  took to the waters. Michael is about three years off of his last tri and it took him only a short time to find his gills and get moving in that water.  Eric followed closely behind Michael but soon found out the sprint is not only shorter in distance but much more aggressive. He soon found the cat fight right next to the aqua boxing class and like a Wil-E-Coyote cartoon got pulled right into that mess.  After recovering his goggles and manhood he was back on course, until he ran off course but was turned around by the friendly kayaker. Eric made it home in less time that he thought followed Michael out of the water but just a couple of minutes. Scott Schraff, fresh off of the set of the new movie Nationals Disaster finished his backstroke of 400m and everyone was on to the bike.  Michael and Eric were soon to be passed by a flash, which we would later find out was the comet  know as Scott Schraff. Scott was the only cyclist to complete the bike course in under 31 minutes! That is smoking fast people! All made it home with Eric completing his first triathlon ever! Michael is back in action and Scott took revenge on the bike gods and gleaned a fourth place age group finish.

The women proved to have a bit more style and grace coming out of the water in the sprint.  Erin, Bucky and Julie looked as if they were yawning coming out of the water and one of them might have said, “Is this all you’ve got?” Erin got out ot the bike and was in old form. Can you believe people she was going to give up that USAT card for kid, c’mon lets get real here! J Erin finished 4th in her age group with self admittedly little training. Welcome back Erin…you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! Julie put the rubber to the road and turned in an 8th place age group finish with Bucky Jones again grabbing a 4th place age group finish.

The Olympic distance had almost too many stories to talk about but we are going to hit some of them anyway. The 35-39 age group was a battle for HAUS TRI as Barry Tait, Seth Nickerson, and Daryl Ridgley all threw down for HAUS pride. Daryl, Barry, and Seth all turned the corner on the swim to find, oh yes, nothing! There seemed to be a missing buoy! Once all the gang was back on track it was throw down time.  With each person coming within one minute of each other on the swim there was nothing to do but put the hammer down on the bike.  The twist and turns of the bike were nothing for these guys and they were off to the races on the run. Here is were the training proved to be …well…awesome! Seth hammered the run to produce a top 10 run with Barry and Daryl not far behind. Great day for these guys in one of the toughest age groups! We also spotted Gibby Gorman hammering the course in the HAUS black and blue.

The women proved the course was all too easy by their fantastic times. Meghan Ridgely showed tons of nervousness prior to the race but it was all gone once she hit the water. Meghan smiled her way through the course, no seriously, every time Meghan was spotted she couldn’t stop smiling. Congrats Meghan on a great race! Bernice, Bernice, Bernice, what can we say about you…stop stealing the show! What a great race! 4th in age group and, overall the most consistent race of the day.  Barbs race is going to be a cinch.  Sue Iverson, you wear so many hats, and this weekend you showed your black and blue…3rd place age group finish!

Overal and outstanding day for HAUS TRIATHLON. Thanks for all of the HAUS support at the race…Tracey Kramer you rock!

Lots of races and training coming up…check out the HAUS Calendar for more information.

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