S&D #2 in the books…

An unreal outing for HAUS TRIATLON on Thursday night at the 2nd Splash and Dash. This was the 2nd of the HUAS TRIATHLON Grand Prix, and with many people throwing their name into the pot the standings have changed.  The next S&D is coming up on May 1 at 7:30am. www.4peaksracing.com Tons of races for HAUS TRI in the next two weeks including Duathlon Nationals, St George Ironman, and St, Croix 70.3. Also, Tempe International Tri is May 16. This is the Club Championships for the state of Arizona. HAUS Tri took 3rd last year in the small club division.

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When you register make sure you put HAUS TRIATHLON as your team name to get credit….have fun!

GRAND PRIX standings:

Bernice Pannuzzo – 24 pts**

Seth Nickerson – 22pts**

Meghan Ridgely – 21 pts**

Sue Iverson –  15 pts*

Julie Forsberg – 12pts*

Christian Bailey – 11pts*

Daryl Ridgely – 10pts*

Austin Beck – 10pts*

Bob Bonnette – 10pts*

Tracey Kramer – 10pts*

Barry Tait – 10pts*

* = number of races completed. A minimum of three is required to win the Grand Prix.

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    An unreal outing for HAUS TRIATLON on Thursday night at the 2nd Splash and Dash…..

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