Rules 2.0…

This week we cover one of the most important rules, 3.4 b. Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

3.4b Unsportsmanlike Conduct.

“Participants shall refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, including the improper use of language or conduct directed toward an official.

Violations of this section shall result in disqualification or a variable time penalty depending on the severity of the violation as determined in the sole discretion of the head referee.”

This particiular rule provides the penalties and enforcement directive for particpants who fail to treat bothers with courtesy and respect. There is no room in the sport for athletes who cannot control their tempers and who behave badly at an event. Triathlons are a place for our members to celebrate fitness, health, and friendly competition with one another. Rude and disrepectful athletes may find themselves disqualified for verbally abusing other participants, volunteers, and spectators. When you come to an event, be nice and have fun! The best way to avoid frustation during a race is to know the rules. You will less likely be the recipient of unsportsmanlike and, less likely to use some of your own.

Have fun!

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